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Chris Eckels, founder and CEO of Cyanna Education Services and Todd Londot, former president of Crispin Iron & Metal Recycling, as it happened, were chatting one afternoon while watching their daughters’ basketball game and the conversation turned from the youth hoops contest in front of them to business. Specifically, to leveraging their cash and asset-heavy businesses in a way that could lead to potential investment and acquisition opportunities. That conversation plus the formation of a natural business partnership and friendship led to the founding of Monte Christopher Holdings.

Company Launch Press Release

The Monte Christopher Team

Meet our executive team at Monte Christopher Holdings, as well as the leaders of our portfolio of companies.

Chris Eckels


Todd Londot


Our Team of Leaders

Nate Jones


Jeremy Snepar

President of Cyanna Education Services

Jen Lamkin

Cyanna VP of Licensing & Accreditation

David Stump

Chief Technology Officer

Danny Ortiz

Global Director of Business Development

Scott Shelton

Creative Director of Scholar House Media

Manny Ganeriwala

Business Analyst