Part of the motivation for continuing to seek the expansion of our business holdings is that, especially pertaining to our locally-based companies, it affords us the opportunity to help the community we live and work in to improve itself. This primarily comes in the form of fundraisers and sponsorship opportunities that lead to greater financial flexibility for organizations such as local YMCAs, Health/Medical foundations, the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations that are dedicated to providing valuable resources to members of our community.

If you or your organization are in need of fundraiser sponsorship or help with philanthropic efforts, either at the local or national level, we’d love to hear from you. A selection of past events and organizations that Monte Christopher and our companies have sponsored are listed below, and provide good examples of the type of efforts we’re interested in supporting.

Monte Christopher team attends Recreation Unlimited Flavors of the Vine Wine Tasting and Auction on February 9, 2024

Central Ohio Sponsorships

Here are a few examples of how Monte Christopher and our family of companies partner with a wide array of organizations across Central Ohio to raise money and awareness for cancer research, student athletics, education, and many other worthy philanthropic causes.

Our Partnership with Recreation Unlimited

Recreation Unlimited provides a safe environment for adults and kids with disabilities to participate in meaningful events centered around sports, recreation, and education. The video below created by Scholar House Media offers a glimpse of the programs made possible by the Recreation Unlimited camp facilities and staff, and also helps explain why we’re so proud of this partnership.

National Education Partnerships

Via our company Cyanna Education Services, we support many different educational organizations across the USA through special events, sponsorships, regulatory and compliance support, web design, marketing, professional development and more. A selection of organizations that Cyanna & MCH have supported are listed below.

International Education Partnerships

Since 2020, Cyanna Education Services also supports educational organizations across the globe through special events, sponsorships and more.

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